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How many drones it take to change a light bulb?

One day technology will do everything for us – from cleaning houses to prepare a cake for us – but you might be relieved to hear we’re not quite there yet. The latest attempt to fob off tedious everyday tasks onto machines comes courtesy of YouTuber Marek Baczynski, who decided to test how many drones it takes to change a lightbulb.

How the payment cycle Amazon Associates works

Do not they look commissions last month on outstanding payments? If you’re starting to work with Amazon Associates, or if you already have time and this was a plot, I explain here how the payment cycle Amazon Associates works.

(Español) Algunas anécdotas de Steve Jobs

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How to use Paypal to pay in business and ATMs?

Do you have money in your Paypal account and want to use it to pay in shops, restaurants, withdraw cash from ATMs in any country? The Payoneer card is the answer, it is also the safest option for internet transactions. And best of all, they send you home a real card that you can use at ATMs and shops worldwide.

(Español) 5 Formas efectivas para monetizar tu sitio web

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Doomsday Button USB Hub

If you are the specialist information technology in the office you will love it, is a 4-port USB hub for that frighten anyone other than your workstation.