Bitcoin to Payoneer, how to withdraw money from Coinbase to your Payoneer account

Payoneer is one of the best payment gateways for freelancers. With the virtual bank account that provides, entrepreneurs and freelancers can accept payments from large companies in several countries. But like other payment processors like PayPal, Amazon, Payet, etc, Payoneer does not accept cryptocurrencies. But you can still transfer money or Bitcoins from Coinbase to Payoneer easily and without so many complications.

On the other hand we have Coinbase , another payment processor that uses Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Although both companies are American, Payoneer still does not process withdrawals from Coinbase.

But you can still transfer money or Bitcoins from Coinbase to Payoneer easily and without any complicated work.

To exchange money from Coinbase to Payoneer you will need a minimum of $ 25 in Bitcoin, which means that you must have this amount of BTC in your wallet, since Payoneer does not admit payments under $ 20, so it is safer to have $ 25 due to fees and other things. Then it is better to have a little more than the recommended amount.

How to withdraw money from Coinbase to your Payoneer account

Bitcoin still can not be used in the vast majority of ATMs, or in real-life purchases, there are very few countries, and very few businesses in which transactions can be made with it.

So the best thing is to transfer money to Payoneer from Coinbase. But how? Let’s see the method below to exchange money from Coinbase to Payoneer:

  • First, if you are reading this guide it is because you must already have a Coinbase account and a Payoneer debit card activated. To open an account in Coinbase click on this link.
  • Secondly, you will need a free Localbitcoins account that you can obtain by clicking on this link.
  • Now that you have bitcoins in your Coinbase account, debit card in your possession and account localbitcoins, let’s start:
  • Log in to your Localbitcoins account.
  • Also sign in to your coinbase account.
  • After logging into Localbitcoins, go to the wallet or wallet from the top of the menu.
  • You will see the receiving address of the bitcoins in your wallet. Copy the address.
  • Now visit coinbase and send bitcoins to the address you just copied.
  • After an hour or 2, you’ll see bitcoins on the wallet of your Localbitcoins.
  • Now you have to look for Localbitcoins users who want to buy BTC paying with Payoneer
  • There are many users and payment methods. In our case if those who want to pay with Payoneer are not shown, you will have to look for them in other online payment or something similar.
  • If you succeed in finding people, start the exchange, enter the amount you want or the amount of bitcoins you want to sell and exchange with Payoneer cash.
  • After performing the operations, verify that you have just received money.
  • You will receive in your email something like your Payoneer card has been charged, etc. If you see the money in your Payoneer account, be sure to release the Bitcoins.

Well, that’s the easiest method to exchange Bitcoins to Payoneer and you can use bitcoins from anywhere you want and convert them into money


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